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Le jeu. 22 nov. 2018 à 10:29, Pierre Chapuis <> a écrit :
On Wed, Nov 21, 2018, at 22:21, Philippe Verdy wrote:
We even had a French Republic President (Henri Poincaré) that is known for its mathematical results and fundamental research (also in physics)

This is *very* off-topic but I feel like I have to answer this for personal reasons... :)

Henri Poincaré (the mathematician) and Raymond Poincaré (the president) were different people (they were cousins).

Oops sorry.

There is no direct relationship I know of between Henri Poincaré and the Bourbaki group, at least he was not a member.

That's not what I said. I said that the Bourbaki group and the Poincaré group are in strong relations and refer to each other. Both are linked to their interest in the formal works made by the two mathematicians and are named in honor of them.

And who spoke first about "Bourbaki" (without expliciting who he was) on this list and on this topic ? That's not me.