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Op Di. 13 Nov. 2018 om 18:57 het Roberto Ierusalimschy
<> geskryf:
> > That's a no. _ENV is set when a chunk is compiled. If you specify a
> > different value for the environment for a chunk and you do not provide
> > access (direct or indirect) to the global environment you have no access to
> > that global environment. This is a feature, otherwise you could not build a
> > sandbox.
> Gé's last sentence is crucial in this discussion.

Apart from 'debug' and '_G', the sandbox must also not contain the
library functions 'load' and 'loadfile'.

local load = load
_ENV = {print=print}
getglobal = function(name)
  return load("return "
print(getglobal"math".pi)  --> 3.1415926535898