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Op Do., 8 Nov. 2018 om 14:46 het Philippe Verdy <> geskryf:
> A cookie jar to store cookies is for something else: it does not create "keepalive" HTTP sessions, but allows restarting sessions that have been already closed by proving again the stored cookies.
> No, there's NO need at all of ANY cookie jar storage in HTTP to use "keepalive" sessions.
> Using "curl" to create a cookie jar does not mean that you are using keepalive, but at least it allows all requests you send using the same cookie jar file to reopen new sessions using the same resident cookies that were exchanged in the previous requests (so this "simulates" sessions, but still you'll see many outgoing TCP sockets that are "half-terminated" in FIN_WAIT state and that still block the unique port numbers that were assigned to that socket).

Thanks a lot for this explanation.

-- Dirk