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On Thu, 8 Nov 2018 at 17:34, Russell Haley <> wrote:
> I am attempting to bring the FreeBSD LuaRocks port up to date and I've run into a snag with the 3.0.4 release. The unzip command is not being found by Luarocks on FreeBSD 11.1:
> Error: Failed unpacking rock file: /tmp/luarocks_luarocks-rock-luasec-0.7-1-9983171/luasec-0.7-1.src.rock: 'unzip -n' program not found. Make sure unzip is installed and is available in your PATH (or you may want to edit the 'variables.UNZIP' value in file '/usr/local/etc/luarocks/config-5.3.lua')
> I tried with and without modifications to the config-5.3.lua file. My output is here:
> I uninstalled 3.0.4 and re-installed 3.0.1 and there was no problem installing luasec.
 > Do you have any suggestions or insight? Let me know if there is
something more you need from me, or if you'd like this issue reported
through github?

It looks like luarocks tests for the unzip binary by running `unzip
-h`. (See
It was added in this commit
which says it was intended to produce better error messages.

What happens when you run `unzip -h`? What is the exit code?