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Hello François,

Thank you very much for your work. In my company, we've been using the suite bundled with lua-TestMore for several years to test our LuaJIT fork. Will definitely check out lua-Harness.

Only one minor issue I'd like to report. Some tests create temporary files with the same name: e.g. "foo.lua" in 301-basic.t and 303-package.t or "file.txt" in 307-io.t and 310-stdin.t. Some time ago this led to sporadic false positives in CI when we started testing with prove -j $(nproc). We worked this around by enforcing -j1 in our launcher for this particular suite. 

Den ons. 31. okt. 2018 kl. 20:16 skrev François Perrad <>:
This test suite was previously included in the project lua-TestMore.
Now, it has its own repository :

It doesn't require the TestMore library, a minimal test library is included (tap.lua).
Variants for various Lua (5.1, 5.2, 5.3, ...) are now merged in a single test suite.
The features included (ie. compiled) in a Lua interpreter could be selected via a config file (profile.lua)
LuaJIT specific tests have been added.

The homepage is available on
Feedback are welcome.


Med vennlig hilsen,
Anton Soldatov