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Op Wo., 31 Okt. 2018 om 23:58 het Sean Conner <> geskryf:
> It was thus said that the Great Dirk Laurie once stated:
> >
> > This is a toy pattern, illustrating the problem I had at first, which
> > Sean has cleared up for me. The actual pattern I wish to capture is
> > based on a Lua pattern involving "%b", which in LPEG requires
> > techniques I have not mastered.
>   There was a thread kind of about this last year on this list.  Start here
> for a direct reference to %b and LPeg:

Memory, n.
  The faculty by which a lua-l member remains aware of past own contributions.

I can still remember clearly mine :-), an opinion that has not changed.

But thanks for reminding me of your demonstration of %b, and
especially that it could also do multibyte delimiters. It will solve
also the more tricky problem in my actual application.