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hi there! :)

+1 is the user agent string that can vary some sites

you can use the inspector of any browser and mimic cookies headers and
post+get fileds, and u have to get the same result, however there are
much stuffs that are loaded after the initial page that you are
requesting for... like just try to use umatrix ff plugin, it will
wreck a lotsa pages cuz of the external ajax from domains of google
that is blocked by default...

i have a future plan to make ast from pages, track down function calls
for those parts of any requests that are not relevant, and write some
lua code for them. however there can be shared data with other
function chains on the road, so its even harder cuz those... its also
necessary to track changes on a site, so multiple loads of
same/similar pages can basically help, and then i can initially mark
changing parts, and every other change stops the execution and telling
me that something possibly important have changed, so modifications
maybe required in my code... but this way everything can be used on a
semi-automatic way without overhead and with huge freedom to do
whatever, like combining data from multiple pages, automatize, throw
away trash, extend functionality, make custom displays and whatever
without the need of reimplementing the functionality of the whole
frontend world, and without running unknown stuffs from the web in the
era of proproetary bloatwares and meltown, spectre rowhammer and
whatever... :D anyway check out greasemonkey if you wouldnt know about
it, its a similar tool, but still requires a full browser...

btw luakit is really kawl, and evolving fast! give it a try, but only
from source, repositories around are much likely very outdated, or
this was the case in the near past... webkit have a debug api that
make u able to manipulate whatever from an external app, see the
brackets editor for further hints about the debug api :)

have fun, and all the bests for everyone around! :)