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Thanks for the insulted way you've used the You in your answer and without
even quoted my name, as it is custom to do in UNIX mailing lists and it is
done automatically in mutt when you hit reply. It is actually a honor for
this [un|self] educated shepherd punk to attract the attention of a coder
that influenced significantly, the programming evolution in those last 20
years, and of course it will be good for my resume. And i could continue
this, and in an eternal exchange (but i'm tired).
But and since i got your attention, which i provoked with my exaggerations,
I would be interest to know some of your thoughts. Not so much about this
thread, and about zero (and for which i'm waiting Dirk's (as the original
poster) conclusion (if he have reached in one).
So here is something that really matters:

(But first, what is expressed now is just another unique opinion, which is
represented by these words, and which can not be represented and can not
represent (by)? another one)

Are you willing to open a bit the development model of Lua, without to loose
your control over the language (as there is one driver in a car)?

Two benefits. It will release the burden of your shoulders. And as you can
still have the control over the environment, it could let you to give your
focus on what every one likes best: optimizing.
It will let people who care to be involved, as Lua is not only the language
but and the ecosystem around (programmers that spend their time in Lua and
dream to see their product matters).
Lua is stable and almost close to be feature complete so its future is
bright. Two things that you need to have in mind. How to use clever the
ecosystem and how this can be adopted broadly. The first will bring the

Two things that Lua community can do that might help adoption. The first is
a blessed standard library. The second is demystification of Lua tables.
Two things that you can do for this. A more extended documentation and perhaps
a clever higher abstraction level without penaltize performance and breaks
compatibility. If it's not that possible, then a major breakage might justified
but this will be agreed before. This alone is a great relief and will release
major resources. 
These tasks can be completed easily by getting the benefits when practicing
collaboration. Unless there is a reason. If that is the case, you know better.

Thanks for listening,