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On Mon, Jun 11, 2018 at 7:27 PM Abhijit Nandy <> wrote:

I guess the 10k figure was for eLua RAM usage, my bad:

Thanks for the pointers, I have removed external libs already, and using integers gives me a 2k reduction in the executable size.
I will try removing scanf.

How little has Lua been ever compiled to which keeps all language features of say Lua 4.0? Has anyone tried going back further to Lua 3.0 for example?

I have applied  as well on Lua 5.3 and the size as I mentioned was about 63k on x86. Our last figure with -O2 was 59k on ARM. I will check if we can drop in the Newlib-nano and try higher optimizations.

If you're compiling with -O2 now, try switching to -Os. That'll likely result in additional size savings.

I decided to give Lua 4.0.1 a shot, and got about 27k on ARM with external libs removed and integer number type. I tried removing all opcodes too just to see how much of a difference removing opcodes can potentially make and got a reduction of about 5k(I will of course be keeping only the opcodes that I see in the bytecode disassembly of my lua code). I assume each opcode is totally independent.

I also realized that I could remove some of the functions from lapi.c which I do not need to bind any C functions, might give me some 1 or 2K.

Someone mentioned removing metatables from the Lua code base. Is that easily removable by removing a function or two?

I never tried this myself, but I don't think it'd be easy to do, and I also think that the result would be a severly crippled interpreter that couldn't even be considered Lua anymore. Then again, this might be exactly what you need. But still, I'd only keep this as a last resort solution.
Is there a regression suite I can run after removing opcodes to check if expected language features still work? Like say just function calling and table access. 

There are Lua test suites for various versions available at


On Mon, Jun 11, 2018 at 12:51 AM Phil Leblanc <> wrote:
>> What are my other options to reduce the size? (...)

> You may get rid off the metatable, it can reduce many codes.

I am curious about this. Has anybody built a Lua derivative without metatables?

Is it feasible? or are metatables too deeply intricated with the Lua VM?

What would be the gain? (executable footprint, performance?)