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On Jun 8, 2018, at 5:47 AM, KHMan <> wrote:

Operation / Op_Count / Diff_Count
A+B  1,000,000,000  0
A-B  1,000,000,000  0
A*B  1,000,000,000  243,584
A/B  1,000,000,000  244,107

For A*B and A/B, this is roughly 1 in 4000.

All different results differ by 1 ULP. Nothing more than 1 ULP was seen.

I found another blog doing the same test, error also about 1:4000

Just some math behind the observation:

Double rounding occurs when both rounded in the same direction.
Difference between 53-bits and 64-bits are 11-bits.
--> chances of same direction rounding is about 50%
--> chances of double rounding = 50% / 2^11 = 1 / 4096

With just 1 op, of course the error is at most 1 ULP

Operation : *
n1  = 0.18987016622488206    0x1.84daa65360288p-3
n2  = 0.98339548253950804    0x1.f77f9cd91528bp-1

Here are the hex representations of the significands:

fpu8087   = 7e65b9c2a810e
binary128 = 7E65B9C2A810E5EAB7A33195161D
fpu64bit  = 7e65b9c2a810f

Using this comparison, it appears that the binary128 result is nearer to fpu8087 than to fpu64bit. We can also verify this by getting a more accurate decimal version of the 64-bit binary representation (done by manual fiddling, so not definitive):

You do realize we have to work in 53-bits for comparison.
Getting more precise result with more bits does not show anything.

My guess is you set (n1, n2) as decimal string -> __float128.
Had you use the actual hexfloats, you should get this:

n1 * n2
0x1.84daa65360288p-3 * 0x1.f77f9cd91528bp-1
= 0x1.7e65b9c2a810e 800eb4c1577ec p-3

--> value should round-up, to 0x1.7e65b9c2a810fp-3
--> 53-bits rounding is doing the best it can with 2 doubles.