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HI list,

I have released the new version of lua-protobuf, A Google protobuf
library for Lua.
the new version now can download by luarocks:

luarocks install lua-protobuf

new changes:
- coverage now reach 100%
- add 64bit support for Lua 5.1, 5.2 and LuaJIT
- add multple context support
- bugfix

the information copied from github:

This project offers a simple C library for basic protobuf wire format
encode/decode, it splits to several modules:

pb.slice: a wire format decode module.
pb.buffer: a buffer implement that use to encode basic types into
protobuf's wire format. It also can be used to support streaming
decode protobuf data.
pb.conv: a module to convert between integers in protobuf. a module to support binary mode read/write to stdin/stdout.

It also has a high level Lua module to direct decode protobuf data to
Lua table, or encode Lua table to protobuf data.

It both support protobuf version 2 and 3 syntax and semantics.

Any feedbacks are welcome :-)

Xavier Wang.