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On 30 May 2018, at 06:33, Russell Haley <> wrote:

Good News Everyone!

I took a few minutes today at work with a fresh Windows 10 VM to test LuaWinMake with the Visual Studio C++ Build Tools and can report success. All I had to do was open the "Visual Studio Developer Console", move the winmake.bat file into my Lua directory and type winmake.bat. 

Thx for the praise, that is exactly what it was meant to do :)

That means Lua can be built from standard Windows tools, with or without the Visual Studio IDE. The Build Tools includes the VC compiler and toolchain (1.75 GB) and the Windows 10 SDK (~2.6 GB). The only thin missing is a compatible build recipe with the lua source code.

To further my quest to improve Lua on Windows, I'll ask if it's possible for the Lua Team to include the LuaWinMake batch file with the source code in the next release? I understand that a Linux based team may not have the resources to maintain two or three VS Solution files, but hopefully including a single batch file could be considered? 

Maybe a mention in the “windows” chapter on the website or source documentation can go a long way in helping Windows users out?