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Hi everyone,

I am just getting into Lua to research it as a possible language for a grant we are working on, and was wondering if anyone could answer some questions for a beginner :)

We write software and hardware for neuroscience experiments, and are developing a new tool. Our ultimate goal in a nutshell is to have users be able to write and run scripts on their computers, but only as simulation and without low latency. The idea is that once they are satisfied with fine tuning their control script and parameters, they can then "upload" it to our device (a soft-core processor on an FPGA), in which case our backend can execute their control script with direct access to the data (going through the FPGA) for extremely low latency.

So my questions are:

1. Is Lua syntax easy to learn, especially for users that primarily code analysis scripts in Matlab or Python? (Even if it is not, if Lua turns out to meet our tech requirements, they'll just have to learn Lua anyways. Just a good thing for me to keep in mind)

2. Is this a fair use case for Lua? I know that Lua is small enough to use on embedded devices, what about an FPGA?

3. Does anyone here have a similar use case that I could talk to, or see any similar examples for?

4. If not Lua, any other recommendations?

Many many thanks,