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Quoting Sean Conner <>:

It was thus said that the Great once stated:


when building my own libraries I found it cumbersome to set up some
framework that allows me to run my stuff and and not install it locally
which would have contaminated the local installation.  Instead I used a
custom patched version of Lua that extended the package path to something
relative of the Lua executable (Windows allows that out of the box) and
run it this way.  All this was orchestrated by a rather magical Makefile.
It seemed cool at the time, elegant even, but in all honesty it was pretty

  So what's wrong with using the environment variables?

Nothing really. I just liked a version that was all self contained that could
be copied into any location and needed no external adjustments.  All things
considered the dockerized way is much better, especially since it allows me to
test network functionality in much more realistic scenarios.