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On Wed, May 23, 2018 at 15:33:28 +0100, Jon Chesterfield wrote:
> Ah, Cloud Wu was similarly encoded. I am using digest mode. There's an
> option on the list management page called "Get MIME or Plain Text Digests?"
> which seems likely to fix things. Thank you!

In general, if you're in Digest mode, don't expect to be able to interact with
the list effectively.  Digest mode was meant for people who had slow Internet
connections (9600 baud etc) and thus needed the reduction in overhead.  It's
sub-optimal in a number of ways for dealing with a mailing list and in the
modern world there should be no need for it.  While I'll be trying to improve
matters with respect to digest mode, I strongly recommend you simply stop using


Daniel Silverstone               
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