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> Which are the requirements for hosting the workshop, Roberto?

The "basic package" is this:

  The workshop lasts for two days. The organization is very ligth. We
  need a room that accomodates everybody (at least ~60 people), with a
  projector, and some coffe breaks. If possible, it is good to have
  badges, too. (Some organizations will demand them.) Social activities
  are also welcome, but it can be (and often it is) just something like
  "let us meet in <a good bar>". (You will be responsible for suggesting
  the good bar :-) Everything else (meals, hotels, travel arrangements)
  is one's own problem. (Of course, the organization can suggest hotels
  and/or restaurants.)

The rest is up to you to decide. For instance, in 2016 and 2017, Kong
offered "pizza & beer" for dinner on the first day (or both days?). In
2015, King offered lunch on both days and a "pizza & beer" for dinner on
the first day. In 2014, offered only the "basic package", IIRC.
All provided to have all the talks recorded. In 2013 we did the workshop
as part of a free software event in Toulouse, and so we got only the
"basic package".

-- Roberto