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Ravi-Distro ( aims to
create well tested distributions of Ravi
( and Lua 5.3 for Win64,
Linux and Mac OSX platforms. Unlike existing distributions of Lua, the
goal of Ravi-Distro is to provide a small selection of libraries only;
but with the assurance that these libraries will be supported long
term even if upstream projects are no longer maintained. Another important
goal is to provide unified documentation and user guides so that
the product is more accessible to users.

Following packages are included in this release:

* luafilesystem
* luasocket
* lpeglabel
* torch7
* torch7-nn
* torch7-optim
* torch7-cephes
* penlight
* moses
* lua-cjson
* luaffi

I am pleased to announce that an early build of Ravi-Distro is
available. Full details are here:

I am looking for feedback from users; in particular if someone is
willing to test the package, I shall be very grateful.

Thanks and Regards