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On Tue, May 1, 2018 at 11:10 AM, dyngeccetor8 <> wrote:
On 05/01/2018 07:16 PM, jitesh pabla wrote:
> Hello everyone I'm going to build a GUI for LuaRocks this summer as a GSoC
> project, so there are a few questions I'd like to ask everyone:
> 1-Which CLI commands do you want to see implemented into the GUI first?
install, remove, show, search

> 2-Would you rather have the GUI as a separate rock or do you want it to be
> embedded into the main distribution?

> 3-Will you actually use a GUI as your primary way to interact with luarocks?
It depends on my aesthetic feeling. If I'd would create GUI myself
(to match mentioned feelings: cross-platform open-source widgets engine,
good behavior - no donates begging and stealth updates), I'd use it for
exploring and installation of new rocks.


Also it would be nice to have ability to save versions of all installed
rocks in separate file. In case you need to rollback after update.
Yes, the rollback, update, restore is what I mentioned in my email about rock 'receipes'. Thanks for being more concise then I was. 

-- Martin