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> But please, we don't have to loose again one year of life, like when
> happened in the unbelievable case of BC|AD.

It would be good if we do not have to loose again several minutes in our

In my opinion, what is missing in this whole discussion is tolerance,
meaning "the ability or willingness to tolerate [...] the existence of
opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with."

Several languages nowaday (and many more in the past) index from 1,
many index from 0. You can postulate that some of them are stupid
and the ones that agree with your opinion are *Right*, or you can
accept that there are reasonable reasons for both designs.

You can argue that the reasons for one design are better/stronger/
nicer than the reasons for the other. That is ok, all languages have
suboptimal (for whatever criteria for "optimum") design in several
corners. But if you cannot live comfortably in both scenarios, I think
you have serious issues as a programmer. (Yes, you can call me
intolerant regarding the previous sentence.)

-- Roberto