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There is no year 0. Neither BC nor AD there is a year 1 BC, and a year 1 AD.

Which was a bad decision by itself, at least if you have to work around that time, the difference between 1 BC and 1AD to be one, makes far less sense to me than having "the year of jesus" as year zero.

Anyway, there is a broad consensus that for example "the 1990s" start on January 1st 1990 and end on December 31st 1999. If you want to challenge that, that be quite an uphill battle, albeit the horror it starting on a zero and the first year of the 1990s has a zero indicator. How do people manage to count these years?
Only if you represent the numbers using digits '1',...,'9' only. In that case '1' has the value 0, and '9' the value 8, and your
numbering is 9-based.
Don't mix up digits ans numbers. Digits are for numbers what characters are for words.

Actually I was referring to using zeros in numbers, as concept. Which was one of the biggest inventions of humanity. The Romans hadn't a zero, which forced them to use a much more awkward numbering scheme.