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It was thus said that the Great Axel Kittenberger once stated:
>  > Related, about point three. When pacing (aloud) a distance I normally
> > see people step at the star and count "one, two, three...", no "start"
> > or "zero" "one, two, three", but that may be a local custom.
> If you want to index the positions, where you started, would that be "one
> step" or "zero steps"?

  You know what really cheeses me about Lua?  This:

	x = x + 1

  WHAT IS THAT?  THAT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE!  x isn't equal to x + 1---it
doesn't make mathematical sense!  In what way can x be equal to one more
than itself?


  Can we please change this to some other symbol?  One that does NOT mean
"equality" or "equals" or "equivalence"?  

  Oh, I know:

	LET x BECOME x + 1

  There!  That's better!

  -spc (Do I need to add the <sarcasm> tag here?)