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> 在 2018年4月14日,上午12:24,Albert Chan <> 写道:
>> On Apr 13, 2018, at 12:08 PM, 云风 <> wrote:
>> CRT is thread-safe, but using a C static variable isn’t.
> Do you mean C rand() does not use static variable ?

A thread-safe CRT may use TLS variable.

>> When we run multi-states in multi-thread, calling math.rand() at the same time, the random sequence may rewind .
> What is "may rewind" ?

The random algorithm may read the variable, do some calculation, and then save the new value to variable.

Consider two thread now,

thread 1 , calling rand()  twice : At first, read A(seed) from mem -> B = f(A) -> return B and save it to mem, 
Second, read B from mem, f(B) -> C, return C and save it to mem.

thread 2, calling rand() at the same time: after reading A from mem, the thread is suspending ,  and then , it would save B to mem (after thread 1 changing the variable to C)

In this case, thread 1 ‘s random sequence will back to B again.