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On Tue, Apr 10, 2018, at 07:18, Sean Conner wrote:

> > I'd use one of the various amalgamation scripts, put the resulting 
> > single big script into a char array, and load it from there. But a 
> > searcher that loads from a tar would be cool (and probably also useful 
> > for others) as well.
>   I've did a "proof-of-concept" for this, but with ZIP files [1][2].  For
> modules written in Lua, they can be loaded directly from the file; but for
> C-based modules, they have to be written to disk first before loading. 

I use something like that at work as well. Sadly it's proprietary and
I don't have permission to share it.

It's not very complicated though. The tar code uses the library from
LuaRocks ([1]). For C modules, I agree they have to be written to disk.
In practice we don't do that, we compile and link them statically with
the executable.


Pierre Chapuis