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Hi Joshua!

Basically Effil brings inter threads shares tables.
You to use nested  tables over threads (even recursively):
local effil = require "effil"

local t = effil.table {1, "I am string"}
local res = effil.thread(
    t.self = t


Also with metatables:
local greeting = effil.table()
effil.setmetatable(greeting, { __call = function(t, name)
    print("Hi " .. name)
end })

effil.thread(function (greeting)
    greeting("Lua mailing list")

Effil have linda like objects with almost same API - channels. It also provides operations with timeouts.
Effil can cancel thread like lanes. But currently it does not have API for change thread priority
Effil doesn't have locks and times as separate API. Locks seems to be dangerous in multithreading-cancelable environment. Very easy make deadlock. But if you really need them - you can implement locks and timers over 

29 сент. 2017 г., в 16:13, Илья Удалов <> написал(а):


Take a look at new gorgeous lua module for multithreading - Effil.
Main feature are:
- thread safe tables.
- threads can be paused/resumed and canceled.
- FIFO channels.

Install it from  luarocks: luarocks install effil
Sources hosted on GitHub

Ilia and Miha