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Yes. System supports windows. It works with all features as for Mac and Linux. 

1. There is no continuous integration for windows builds now, only Linux and Mac due to lack of time and experience with appveyor.
2. Effil needs C++ compiler with C++14 standard compliance (introduced since Visual Studio 2015) because of dependency

About «pausablility», it basically means you can run thread like this:
local thread = effil.thread(function()
        while true do
            print 'Hello world'
return nil

And pause/resume it like this:
thread:pause() -- suspended
thread:resume() -- works again  

Or even cancel:
thread:cancel() -- synchronous cancelation
thread:cancel(0) -- asynchronous cancelation 

Great thanks to ThePhD for sol2. It is really easy and nice to use wrapper.

29 сент. 2017 г., в 19:04, Russell Haley <> написал(а):

Sorry for the top post. 

Nice stuff. I like the documentation. The little comment over each part of the example code is immensely helpful.  Does the system support Windows? There was nothing I saw immediately and a search of the readme page on my phone gave no hits. ‎I did see reference to vs2015 though. 

I don't know about 'pausability', ‎but I've been looking forward to trying the threading model in cqueues (No windows support though). 


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From: Илья Удалов
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To: Lua mailing list
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Subject: Module for easy multithreading


Take a look at new gorgeous lua module for multithreading - Effil.
Main feature are:
- thread safe tables.
- threads can be paused/resumed and canceled.
- FIFO channels.

Install it from  luarocks: luarocks install effil
Sources hosted on GitHub

Ilia and Miha