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On 09/15/2017 08:07 AM, Milind Gupta wrote:
> Hi, 
>  My son's school currently only has chromeboooks . Are there any good tools that can be used to do Lua programming in that?
>      After searching a bit I found a love 2d port But this does not have an environment to write code. 
>    Is there any other useful stuff they can use?
> Thanks, 
> Milind

I don't have a chromebook and can't say for it, but I assume those online coding environment
should be suitable, such as ideone[1]. it is not Lua specific, but has good Lua support.

also, there's cloud9[2]. though it is intended for different usage scenarios.

there are many other similar websites, some are really feature rich. you can check them out yourself.


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