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Hi, I Love Lua!

And I use FreeBSD too. However, I'm ignorant, since I can't really understand the problem itself. Lua is written in pure C, so why can't it be compiled natively on FreeBSD?

And I'm missing all modules (well, for now, only the SQLite bindings) for Lua53.

I've developed a BMS for my home, and it uses Lua, and I have to stick to 5.2, hence there is no luasql-sqlite3. And it is funny, that all other modules named like lua52-posix, and this one is just luasql-sqlite3, and it is only for Lua52.

On Debian, the luasql-sqlite3 provides the libraries for all supported Lua version.

I'm sorry, I don't want to complain, just asking what does it take to have all the modules for all the Lua versions.