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It was thus said that the Great Martin once stated:
> Ideally, to add path "../strange;name/*.lua" I'd wish to call
>   package.add_search_path('../strange;name/*.lua')
> and do not know about special characters from "package.config"
> for name substitution and records delimiting.
> Current proposal (store "package.path" as sequence of strings)
> releases user from knowing about paths delimiter character.
> So it simplifies code, making it more understandable for "common
> programmer".

  But ... if you want to add "../strange;name/*.lua" to the path, you are
already dealing with path delimeter characters and substitution characters
(I assume that "*" means the same as "?", which is the character Lua uses
for module name substitution).  If anything, it might be nice to have:

	package.config = 
	  directory      = "/",
	  separator      = ";",
	  substitution   = "?",
	  exec_directory = "!",
	  ignore         = "-"

instead of what we have now.  But I digress ...