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Hello all,

This year there are many Lua events going on, I'm trying to keep track of them and hopefully get more of them organised. I'm already in contact individually with some people, trying to convince them to organise meet-ups in their cities. The great news is that I've got a bunch of people interested. The bad news is that this is not scalable and I only have limited free time available for this.

For this reason, I decided to organise a joint effort to make things happen and I created a separate email list only for that, so we can all discuss in one place and anyone who wants to help can join.

If you have interest in organising a Lua meet-up or another event in your town, or if you want to help in any form, you are welcome to join our public list:!forum/lua-community-management/join

Etiene Dalcol

Software Engineer @ Red Badger 
Lua Space