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It was thus said that the Great KHMan once stated:
> On 1/30/2017 12:59 PM, Sean Conner wrote:
> >[snip snip]
> >[2]	When my editor did get Lua syntax highlighting, I could regularly
> >	crash it by using --[=[ ]=] style block comments (rare, but I do
> >	need them occationally).
> Reported as a bug to the developers? If it is based on the 
> Scintilla edit control, code I wrote might be at fault -- and I 
> would fix any crashing bug immediately. Crashing bugs should be 
> taken very seriously by any editor.

  It's been duly fixed, but until such time, the quickest way to remidy the
situation was to disable syntax highlighting of Lua code.

  And now, it wasn't Scintilla.  It's joe [1]

  -spc (been using it for 20+ years now ... )

[1]	Joe's Own Editor