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i think it's okay til it can't lead to any security hole, but if
you're using a hammer for a screw that's your problem. other thing
that should be checked for anything harmful/crashy is using contents
of binary files, but thats maybe the business of the app devs, til
they have a way to handle their stuffs.

2017-01-27 10:15 GMT+01:00 Adrian Perez de Castro <>:
> On Fri, 27 Jan 2017 06:10:53 +0200, Dirk Laurie <> wrote:
>> 2017-01-27 2:57 GMT+02:00 nobody <>:
>> > On 2017-01-25 05:54, nobody wrote:
>> > So I started to go through all functions on the Lua side... got bored in
>> > the packackge & io library and then put it aside.  I initially started
>> > with 5.3.3 some time ago, now checked the diffs & some functions from
>> > each category so it should be up-to-date with 5.3.4-rc3 (but I'm not
>> > 100% certain).
>> I'm not much of a C person (less than 50000 lines of code ever written,
>> I guess) so this may be a stupid question.
>> Does C99 (which quietly but Makefile-ly has become the standard for
>> Lua 5.3 source) offer string function improvements that could be useful
>> for avoiding these C-isms?
> C99 does not bring anything new to the table regarding NULL-handling in
> “strings” (there is no strings in C, just arrays of “char”). None of the
> string-handling functions from the standard library received changes in
> that regard.
> Cheers,
> —
> 🎩 Adrián