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had implemented as this:
setmetatable(obj, {
__newindex = function (tab, k, v)
print('setting: ' .. k .. ' -> ' .. tostring(v))
rawset(tab, k, v)

which will only trigger the first setting for a new key:['foo'] = 'bar'['foo'] = 'next-bar’

any way, nice solution, thanks.

在 2017年1月17日,下午8:06,云风 Cloud Wu <> 写道:

hz <>于2017年1月18日周三 上午11:45写道:
is there a way to intercept the settable_event?

want to implement kind of getter/setter observer for a table (similar to the KVO in Cocoa). Is there a way to do this in pure lua?

local realobj = {}
local obj = setmetatable({}, { 
  __index = realobj, 
  __newindex = function(self, k, v)
    -- it's settable event for obj