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I don't give much about tiobe's ranking.  Imo, it is a joke anyways, and
you can as well ask them to add Python, Tcl, and, Python to Lua since
they are all scripting languages, so they are all Lua, right?

Also I think LuaJIT is not Lua.  Maybe it once was Lua, when Lua was at
5.1, but these days it is not Lua anymore, it's a mostly unmaintained
JIT compiler for an ancient version of Lua :)

Am 11.01.17 um 22:07 schrieb
> hi folks!
> i asked the tiobe team to add luajit to lua for higher rank and more
> popularity, as i think lua deserves more fame. they accepted it, but
> then i thought about ravi, and there are much more luaish languages
> out there. so if you can collect more strong suggestions, then you can
> send those as well. i've found
> , but i don't want to
> send them the whole list. in the one hand cuz others gonna do the same
> for other languages, and then gain will be lost, and on the other hand
> cuz i don't know which are valid, popular and living projects. so i'm
> just leaving this opportunity here for you to make a good decision.
> criteria are here:
> cheers, and all the bests! :)