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2016-04-23 16:23 GMT+08:00 Karel Tuma <>:
> Excerpts from William Ahern's message of 2016-04-23 00:46:14 +0200:
>>   object files consisting of the original program image file, any executable
>>                              ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> In practice, most implementations return NULL and dlsym(NULL, ...) works
> to the same effect. The main issue is that linkers don't preserve global
> symbols of main executable unless specifically instructed to do so.

I don't know other systems. but you can just compile like Makefile in
lua itself. it's a single executable, and exported all dynamic

I looked into lua's build system, and it use -Wl,-E in linux, and
directly build in Mac OS X, use the same flags will work.

Xavier Wang.