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Dear lua community,

I hereby announce the 2.2.0 release of lua-bencode.

Project homepage:

Distribution ZIP archive and tarball can be found here:

as well as my own site:

SHA-256 checksums:
SHA256 (lua-bencode-2.2.0.tar.gz) = 25830ff3fe342c09c65995d46c4d89ad0387cc502b1a2f70f9cca2d8c7ccafdd
SHA256 ( = ba050f3a2dd8ca7b7de3a4e5ac0a8e28354f05b23b6bdd0ee068748966a59c57

What does it do?

Bencoding ("Bittorrent encoding") is a relatively simple data serialisation
format. It nicely maps almost 1:1 to lua's data structures. lua-bencode
therefore (as you might guess) converts bencoded data to lua data structures
and the other way around.

What has changed?

I've merged in the push implementation of a bencode parser written by Jorge
Visca so this module now includes two different parsers, a fast one and an easy
to use one (it's comparable to DOM and SAX XML parsers).

Jorge also wrote another patch to drop the use of the deprecated
"module" function.

Additionally, I've finally written documentation for the module API for
the non-push parser.

See also:

To the luarocks maintainers: Would you please include the current
rockspec? I signed up for a luarocks account but it ended up in a
different project. You can find the rockspec here:

And this is where my upload ended up: