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  I'm proud to announce the release of org.conman.cbor 1.0.0, the most
comprehensive CBOR module in the Lua universe (to mangle a quote from
daurnimator).  This is the full CBOR monty---all items from RFC-7049 [1] and
all registered extentions from the IANA [2].  Easy to use:

	local cbor = require "org.conman.cbor"

	data =
	  name = "Sean Conner",
	  userid = "spc476",
	  login = 
	    active = true,
	    lastlogin = os.time(),

	enc = cbor.encode(data)
	new = cbor.decode(enc)

but we can also deal with degenerate cases like this:

	x = {}
	x.x = x

	-- 2nd parameter is starting offset,
	-- 3rd parameter informs cbor.encode() to deal with cycles

	enc = cbor.encode(data,1,{})

  Available via LuaRocks [3] and on github [4].

  -spc (Download and enjoy)