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I develop for a system that embeds stripped down 32 bit lua 5.1

The system doesn't support compilation, so this is done on a host PC.
This was fine when the host was 32 bit (same endian), but doesn't work
with 64 bit host (becoming the norm these days)

So, I finally bit the bullet and modified the 64-bit (linux x86) host
Lua implementation to emit the same bytecode as 32-bit one.

Despite my fear this would be difficult, the change is almost trivial:

I added this to lundump.h:

/* default */
/* #define LUAC_STR_SIZE_TYPE size_t */

/* for 32 bit compatible bytecode */
#define LUAC_STR_SIZE_TYPE int

and replaced the use of size_t with LUAC_STR_SIZE_TYPE in ldump.c and
It is only used in string dump and load function, and in the bytecode

There may be various caveats, but it works for me...