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I am happy to announce release 1.0 of std.prototype.

Prototype's homepage is at, with
documentation at

This is a straight forward prototype-based object system, and a selection
of useful objects build on it.

These modules started life in lua-stdlib. I’m in the process of slimming
down lua-stdlib in preparation for the next release though, part of which
means that you can now use prototype without requiring the installation
of all of stdlib.

Install it with LuaRocks, using:

    luarocks install std.prototype 1.0

## Noteworthy changes in release 1.0 (2016-02-07) [stable]

### New features (since lua-stdlib-41.2)

 - Initial release, now separated out from lua-stdlib.

 - Objects and Modules are no longer conflated - what you get back from a
   `require “std.prototype.something"` is now ALWAYS a module:

      local object = require “std.prototype.object"
      assert (object.type (object) == "Module")

   And the modules that provide objects have a new `prototype` field that
   contains the prototye for that kind of object:

      local Object = object.prototype
      assert (object.type (Object) == "Object")

   For backwards compatibility, if you call the module with a constructor
   table, the previous recommended way to disambiguate between a module
   and the object it prototyped, that table is passed through to the
   module's object prototype.

 - Now that we have proper separation of concerns between module tables and
   object prototype tables, the central `std.prototype.object.mapfields`
   instantiation function is much cleaner and faster.

 - We used to have an object module method, `std.object.type`, which often
   got imported using:

      local prototype = require "std.object".type

   So we renamed it to `std.object.prototype` to avoid a name clash with the
   `type` symbol, and subsequently deprecated the earlier equivalent `type`
   method; but that was a mistake, because core Lua provides `type`, and
   `io.type` (and in recent releases, `math.type`).  So now, for orthogonality
   with core Lua, we're going back to using `std.prototype.object.type`,
   because that just makes more sense.  Sorry!

### Bug fixes

 - You can now derive other types from `std.prototype.set` by passing a `_type`
   field in the init argument, just like the other table argument objects.

 - In-order iteration with `__pairs` metamethod has been reinstated. There
   were no spec examples, and the implementation mysteriously went missing in
   a previous round of refactoring.

### Incompatible changes

 - Deprecated methods and functions have all been removed.

 - `std.tree` is now `std.prototype.trie` and defines a Trie object, not a Tree
   object.  The implementation has been a _Radix Tree_ (aka _Trie_) all along.

 - Objects no longer honor mangling and stripping `_functions` tables from
   objects during instantiation, instead move your actual object into the
   module `prototype` field, and add the module functions to the parent table
  returned when the module is required.