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It was thus said that the Great Etiene Dalcol once stated:
> Hey folks,
> We had some discussions about the ecosystem recently, specially concerning
> how exactly people decide to share or search external libraries, both here
> at the mail list and during FOSDEM's devroom.
> Next month I'm gonna spend a month volunteering to LuaRocks' website and I
> decided to make a survey to see if my priorities are on point or if there
> are things me and Leaf overlooked! I also enjoyed the opportunity to talk
> to Hisham and add some questions relevant to him and the LuaRocks tool
> itself
> Would you please answer some questions?

  Certainly.  The only complaint I have about the form is the OS question. 
It's too limited (because of the radio button).  I use LuaRocks under OS-X,
Linux CoreOS, Linux Redhat and Linux Ubuntu.  You might want to allow
multiple answers for that question.