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good job!

Hisham <>于2016年1月10日周日 上午5:44写道:
Hello, list!

In the name of the LuaRocks development team, I'm happy to announce
LuaRocks 2.3.0. LuaRocks is a package management system for Lua
modules. (For more information, please visit )

Those of you on Unix who are running LuaRocks as a rock (i.e. those
who previously installed using `make bootstrap`) can install it using:

   luarocks install luarocks

What's new since 2.2.2:

* Windows: major redesign of the install tree structure
* Windows: Auto setup of MSVC environments
* Improve error messages when tools are not installed
* CMake: generate 64-bit builds when appropriate
* Improve check of location of config files
* Remove --extensions flag; use rockspec_format instead
* New `luarocks config` command to query configuration
* Improved UI for messages when external deps are missing
* Unix: Robustness improvement in configure script
* Plus tweaks and bugfixes. See the changelog for details.

This release features new commits by myself, Peter Melnichenko, Thijs
Schreijer, Ignacio Burgueño, Ruslan Kiianchuk, Peter Jas, Philipp
Janda, @xpol, @tst2005. The server is maintained by Leaf
Corcoran. We thank everyone who sent comments, submitted bug reports
and contributed rockspecs to the repository!

Special thanks to everyone who provided feedback in the luarocks-developers
mailing list during our "release candidate" series. This release is exactly the
same code as 2.3.0-rc2.

As always, all kinds of feedback is greatly appreciated.

Thank you, enjoy!

-- Hisham