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Ravi ( is a dialect of Lua 5.3 with LLVM based JIT
compiler and limited optional static typing.

I am pleased to announce that the alpha 0.10 release of Ravi is now
available. In this release there are following changes:

- A bug in type analysis of boolean operators was fixed
- A bug in metamethod invocation in JIT mode for IDIV operator was fixed
- Support for updating savedpc added in LLVM JIT implementation - this
means that error messages now show better stack trace, and the debug
api works mostly (but see below).

API changes

- New API ravi.tracehook(boolean) provided; default is false. If this
is set to true then in JIT mode at every bytecode instruction the
'savedpc' will be set, and also line hooks enabled (note that setting
this option will significantly impact performance). If not set then
'savedpc' is only set at function calls. See issue #15 for details.
- The debug API is now more functional thanks to changes above.
debug.setlocal() performs type checks when updating local variables -
this is experimental. debug.setupvalue() however doesn't and therefore
should not be used on upvalues that are typed.

For full details please see: