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On 10/19/15, Leo Romanoff <> wrote:
> I was able to build MC^2 now using brew and providing LUA_LIBS and LUA_CFLAGS.


> But there are some issues:
> - I cannot use a sub-shell, when I use Ctrl-O.

I'd start troubleshooting by googling "midnight commander subshell os x".

You may want to ask this on mc's mailing list. (It's best not to
mention "mc^2" because it's most likely irrelevant; mc^2 is just a
branch of mc-4.8.14, which is the latest version.)

Some issues you may want to check first:

- When you do "mc -V", do you see "With subshell support as default"?
- Do you see the full prompt inside mc, or just a single "$"?
- Does a Homebrew installed mc exhibit this problem? Download the
tarball they're using (mc-4.8.14.tar.xz) and compile it the same way
you compiled mc^2: does it exhibit the same subshell problem?
- If the answer to the question above is negative: does compiling mc^2
without "--with-lua" exhibit the subshell problem? (if it doesn't, I'd
like to know.)
- Are you using a compatible shell? A compatible terminal? (as per mc's FAQ)

> are you planning to provide a dedicated way to ask
> questions and file issues for MC^2?

Email me directly, or ask on mc's mailing list (I'm there). There are
only 1 known persons who are using mc^2, including myself, and now
there may be 2, so... there isn't yet a need to even start thinking
about some "dedicated way" ;-)