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On 17 October 2015 at 12:20, Rob Kendrick <> wrote:
> Hi,
> Does anybody know if the slides from each of the talks will be made
> available?  Some of my notes are not as detailed as I would like.
> B.

I've attached the source for my 2 talks.
compile to pdf with:

pandoc -i -t beamer -V theme:Warsaw -o
pandoc -i -t beamer -V theme:Warsaw -o cqueues.pdf
% A Modern Lua Library
% daurnimator
% Friday, October 16, 2015

# Good projects:

  - come in library form
	  - are not their own executable
  - are composable i.e. work well with any other library
  - are well tested
  - are well documented (oh crap...)

# Must be composable

  - No globals
	  - Use luacheck
  - No changing global metatables (e.g. string or lightuserdata)
  - No "only one" of anything (e.g. main loop)
  - Can be tricky if you need more than one thing going on at a time
	  - see my next talk: cqueues

# Preferred tooling

(in 2015)

  - Version Control
	  - git
  - Hosting, Issue Tracking
	  - [github](
  - Tests
	  - [busted](
  - Use a CI (Continuous Integration) system
	  - [travis](
	  - [appveyor]( (for windows)
  - Do coverage analysis
	  - [luacov](
	  - [](
  - Use [luacheck](
  - Make a rockspec
	  - Upload it to [](

# Quick set up

Moteus has a great starting point:

  - Copy `.travis` directory into your project
  - Customise the `.travis.yml`
	  - add whatever dependencies you have
	  - run your tests in `script` section

# Getting your library into the hands of others

Tell people about what you've created!

  - Host on github unless you have a great reason not to; discoverability is good
  - Send an email to the lua list with `[ANN]` in the subject
  - Tweet about it
  - Write a blog post about it
  - Mention it at a conference ;)

# Case study: [fifo.lua](

A simple, single file library that implements a FIFO of lua objects

  - busted
  - luacov
  - luarocks
  - git hooks
	  - `pre-commit`: run tests (quick; only for my currently installed lua version)
	  - `pre-push`: uploads scm rockspec
  - documentation is in markdown
	  - can be compiled to a man page with [pandoc](
  - travis ci
  - coveralls

# Other more subjective notes

  - Write for the latest version of lua (5.3) and backport
	  - use [compat-5.3](
  - Prefer coroutines and iterators to callbacks

When binding a C library:

  - write the thinnest possible C bindings to *all* exported functions
	  - can usually get away with documentation for this layer as "read the C docs"
  - write lua on top that provides a more idiomatic function signatures
	  - this should have well written documentation and examples
% cqueues
% daurnimator
% Friday, October 16, 2015

# coroutine scheduler

  - At it's core, provides the abstraction of `poll`
  - Works like POSIX `poll(2)`; but by yielding coroutines
	  - Under the hood; uses `epoll` on linux, `kqueue` on BSDs and OSX, `ports` on solaris
  - "cqueues interface": `pollfd`, `events`, `timeout`
  - Importantly: a cqueues scheduler has this interface *itself*
	  - i.e. you can have multiple event loops that run each other
	  - can expose from your library

In addition you have condition variables for synchronising coroutines

# cqueues interface

  - `pollfd`, `events`, `timeout` form the common low level element of integration on unix originated systems
  - If you look at linux; things have been moving in this direction for years
  	  - bsd sockets are classic example
	  - `signalfd` for signals
	  - `eventfd` for synchronisation
	  - `timerfd` for timers + the time
	  - `inotify`
	  - lots more!

Most C libraries expose this same 3 element interface:

  - libpq (official postgresql C client library)
  - curl's "multi" interface
  - libsystemd

# Composable

As a cqueues scheduler itself has the same cqueues interface,
to integrate with another mainloop, we just need a way to provide a file descriptor to wait on.

I have written example integrations with main loops such as:

  - [prosody's main loop]( (both luasocket `select` based and luaevent)
  - [luv]( (libuv)
  - [lgi]( (GLib)

  - I have a [pull request open against ngx_lua]( to add the missing interface
  - Talked to @kostja yesterday about exposing [the required interface]( there

# cqueues built in libs

cqueues includes high quality libraries that submit to the cqueues interface

  - `socket`
  - `dns`
  - `thread`
  - `signal`
  - `notify` (file changes)
  - `promise` (C++ style, not JS; is a simple wrapper around condition vars)

# My libraries using cqueues

If I write a library that need async operations; I now use cqueues

  - [cqueues-pgsql](
	  - wrapper around marc balmer's [luapgsql]( using only async operations
  - [lredis]( (redis client)
  - [lua-http](

# Conclusion

Start using it!

Even if you don't depend on cqueues itself,
export the `pollfd`, `events`, `timeout` from your libraries

  - homepage:
  - github: