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On 14 October 2015 at 12:09, Martin Krpan <> wrote:
I looked at lqt ( but it is for Qt4.
Is there something else?

I started working on a rewrite based on libclang targeting Qt5 a long time ago, but it proved to be a lot of work at the time, and later I had to abandon my projects altogether (work and kids are taking up way too much of time, I rarely have the time to follow up on lua-l anymore). There are other projects that may work with Qt5: - works with Qt5, "just" a Lua scripting engine for Qt, not an automated binding and "not designed to develop an application in pure Lua" - it uses Qt4, but since it's manually written, it may be possible to easily port it to Qt5 - a binding generator, could in theory be used to create Qt5 bindings (there used to be but it also looks not to be updated for a long time)