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Hello to whom it concerned,

I'm a french devlopper on a financial plateform which accesses to world's financial markets.

Currently , I programm with the TS2 plateform of the broker FXCM.

When I programm some chart indicators, I need to ear a sound per example when the price reaches a certain value or with the indicator, when itself draws on the chart.

on internet, I've seen that a DLL exists : lua-sound.dll .... but unfortunately I don't found it to download.

for precision, I already use addon's by lua compaible DLL's such as lpeg.dll to obtain certains results on the programmed charts and it works well.

My systems are all Windows 64 bits. (8.0 or .1 ; 10)

Does someone give me a help for this.

Sure I can obtain a response like "programm yourselves your own DLL" with the features you need :

PLAY_SOUND ; STOP_SOUND ; LEVEL_SOUND Etc. Etc. which drives directly the sound system installed with Windows.

But I don't know DLL's programmation ...

Thanks for replying,

Jean Marc Venet