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On 10/10/15 11:51 PM, Tim Hill wrote:

On Oct 10, 2015, at 6:57 AM, Christian N. < <>> wrote:

On 2015-10-08 19:48 +0200, Soni L. wrote:

I don't think that would be possible, as yielding would jump outside lua_load using longjmp, losing any information lua_load has stored on the C stack (probably even leaking memory). However, using something like the C++ library Boost.Context or Boost.Coroutine, a workaround might maybe be possible as these libraries provide a way to sort of save the C stack.

More to the point is why the original OP feels yielding during lua_load() is necessary.


You can't yield during string.gsub callback either, but that's not relevant.

I actually do have an use for yielding during lua_load() and it has to do with a Minecraft mod called OpenComputers. I can't remember what it was because it happened a while ago but it did stop me from finishing what I was doing.

It's also useful for JIT-tracing to Lua. (easier to reset/use as you don't have to worry about state as much) Especially so when combined with a 3rd party cooperative multitasking library. (you wouldn't be able to keep the other threads going unless you yielded, which would kill the load() and possibly the whole thread as well, because it would error)

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