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It was thus said that the Great Soni L. once stated:
> On 08/10/15 04:20 PM, Tim Perkins wrote:
> >
> >What's your use-case? Code obfuscation?
> Optimization.
> Technically I'd have a preprocessor read source, convert the parts it 
> cares about to bytecode, inject them into the original source (replacing 
> the... thing) and load().

  I don't think this will buy you anything except complications for
complications sake.  If you have parts of it compiled into bytecode, why not
have the entire thing in bytecode?  I mean, it's the output of luac---it's
all there anyway.

  Could you give an example of where this injection of bytecode into the
source code would go?  How does the selection of what is processed be made?