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On Fri, Oct 2, 2015 at 9:33 PM, Dirk Laurie <> wrote:

> You mean, there should be easily available, preferably online
> documentation something like this?
> -----
> To keep with the tradition, our first program in Lua just prints "Hello World":
>     print("Hello World")
> If you are using the stand-alone Lua interpreter, all you have to do
> to run your first program is to call the interpreter (usually named
> lua) with the name of the text file that contains your program. For
> instance, if you write the above program in a file hello.lua, the
> following command should run it:
>     prompt> lua hello.lua

Not necessarily, although a link to a "Getting Started" set of pages
would be nice.

I had more in mind a copy of the Reference Manual, 1 section per page,
with the ability to link terms we take for granted to definitions, to
illustrative portions of the existing wiki, to related articles, to
archived emails that answer questions ...

More an annotated Reference Manual, using the manual's organization as
the structure. The basic goal being to make the (annotated) Manual
more useful to newbies.

Of course, that's just my fantasy. Others may have better fantasies.

Best regards,

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