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> It's only a parameter set by environment variables : so you can easily
> change the order to the one that suit your needs :) Bye

Yes, I know that it is changeable in the script. But, for example, in 
makefile-called tests it adds more complexity off the air (for example, if I 
can do `lua5.1 -l lib` (or `lua5.1 -e 'require"lib"'`) to test if library 
includes successfully, then with 5.2+ that trick doesn't work anymore and I 
need to reorder package.{,c}path before require).

And makefile tests is the one of many examples, where old behaviour was more 
comfortable than current.

And, anyway, I just want to (at least) know the reason of that change. Maybe 
developers (reading the list) made this for some explicit goal, which I just 
can see?

-- Although, other languages interpreters either keeps or adding "local-
preferred" behaviour, AFAIK, and I know no one (except Lua5.2+) which is 
reordered behavoiur to prefer globals.

Best regards,

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