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passed after change local alpha  = R('az')+R('AZ')+R('09')

2015-09-22 16:19 GMT+08:00 Sean Conner <>:
It was thus said that the Great zhiguo zhao once stated:
> Hi all,
> attachment is post data(to upload file), when I use below code to parse
> only success on plain text file, failed with any binary file.
> My quest is  lpeg only support plain text? and if support binary even
> partly, how to update my lpeg code to parse attachment if support binary.
> thank you for you option or help.

  I use LPeg to parse CGI data and while my code isn't in a form to be
published quite yet [1], I do know that I can handle binary data just fine.
The main part of the code that will probably help you the most is:

  local boundary = lpeg.P("--" .. separator)
  local hdrs     = core.parse_headers(mime._HEADERS,contentdisp._HEADERS)
  local body     = lpeg.C((lpeg.P(1) - boundary)^0)
  local section  = boundary
                 * core.CRLF
                 * lpeg.Ct(lpeg.Cg(hdrs,"headers") * lpeg.Cg(body,"body"))
  local sections = lpeg.Ct(section^1) * boundary * lpeg.P"--" * core.CRLF

  local tmp = sections:match(data)

hdrs just parses the MIME headers for each section, body is what parses the
actual body of each section and is text/binary agnostic.


[1]     It's 741 lines of Lua/LPeg code just to parse multipart/form-data
        and what I have works for my usecase; I can't guarentee it will work
        for all websites.